On Monday 25 August 2008, John Culleton wrote:

> I would guess that 95% of Gimp users are effectively monoglots.
> They only use Gimp with reference to a single language.  That said,
> it would speed up configure and compile time if there was a switch
> that specified the language to be used at that site.  The
> compile/install time and disk space needed for the many
> alternatives could be eliminated.

If I remember correctly, the common way to do this is to set the LINGUAS
environment variable at build time:

  A way to save space on unneeded message translations without any
  negative effects upon other NLS aspects is to set the LINGUAS variable
  during the build. The contents of this variable should be a
  space-separated list of two-letter codes of languages, translations to
  which should be installed. E.g., to install only Italian and Spanish

  export LINGUAS="it es"

  Programs compiled in such a way are fully usable in other locales, and
  work correctly with user documents written in other languages. Just
  messages from a program itself will be in English.

  To install no translations, set LINGUAS to the empty value:

  export LINGUAS=

  If the LINGUAS variable isn't exported, all available translations are 

Should work in GIMP. If it doesn't work, then you are free to fix it and
send us a patch.


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