On Monday 25 August 2008, Michael J. Hammel wrote:
> When you open the TIFF, select open to layers.  The first page will
> be the bottom layer.  Turn off visibility of all the other layers
> and make sure the bottom layer is active in the Layers dialog.
>  Then you can edit that page.
> When you save, save it as a multi-layered PNG.  Then use
> ImageMagick's "convert" tool to convert it to a multi-layered TIFF:
> convert file.png file.tiff
> That should do it (I think), though I can't vouch for the quality
> of the conversion.
> --

There is nosuch thing as "multi-layered PNG's"
If GIMP can't save multi-page tiffs (and it might not, I don't 
rememebr now) , kindly ask for this functionality on this very list 
and we shall see what could be done.  :-)


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