I ran into the same thing.  I "solved" it on my system by changing the
X and Y resolution to 600 pixels/inch in the Print Size dialog.  The
previewed image looked VERY tiny, but it printed the way I wanted.

I fiddled around the Image Scale to fine tune the output size.

>My sister-in-law sent me some JPEG photo files that displayed rather

>large on the monitor and clearly were not going to fit the photo
paper I 
>had available.  I opened both Image Size and Print Size and changed
>resolution from 90dpi to 300dpi, whereupon the millimetre dimensions

>reduced sufficiently to fit the paper.
>The RGB --> CMYK printer is an Epson CX6900F multifunction that has
>page preview function. When the photos were printed, the preview
>only a small area from the upper left corner, i.e. the
>information saved in the JPEG files had been totally ignored.  
>Eventually I had to use  (blush!) Microsoft Photo Editor, a freebie
>comes with Windows XP.
>What is going on?
>Windows XP SP3, Gimp  2.4.6
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