Nope, I have never used GIMP on Windows! I only said "now" randomly. I
think I was just letting know what OS I was using so no one had to
ask. So originally in the developmental releases, the developers just
had it checked in gnome to be always on top, and the ontop feature
wasn't something intrinsic in the new GIMP? That's weir because when I
used the developmental, I seem it remember it being more dynamic, like
the toolbox would always be ontop of GIMP canvas, bu other windows
like firefox would go over the toolbox. This setting in Edit ->
Preferences -> Window Management seems to just make the toolbox an
"uber-window".  Maybe I should go back to the developmental release,
or am I not remembering it properly?

On Fri, Oct 3, 2008 at 5:09 AM, Martin Nordholts <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Jan Snyder wrote:
>> It's strange. All the developmental releases had toolbox always on
>> top. I use Linux and  now it is not on top. The only way I could get
>> it on top is to right0click on the titlebar and select always on top,
>> but then it's literally on top of every window, firefox for instance.
>> Is there some way to enable on top. It's a bit early for me in the
>> morning. Perhaps I am missing something. What happened to that
>> wonderful on top toolbox from the Developmental releases?
> You say "I use Linux now [...]". Did you use something else when it worked?
> In any case, what GIMP 2.6 has done is simply to change the default in
> Edit -> Preferences -> Window Management
> for
> Hint for the toolbox
> Hint for other docks
> to 'Utility window' instead of 'Normal'. This change in defaults was
> made possible with the introduction of the Empty Image Window. Perhaps
> when it worked you had those set set to 'Keep above' ?
> BR,
> Martin
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