I was very dismayed when I first tried GIMP 2.6 and found the toolbox and
dock always on top of my image window. It meant I had to have a smaller image
window so I could see the whole image. In earlier versions, I was used to
having my mouse set to "activate and raise" whatever window it was over. That
way I could switch from toolbox to image window with a flick of the mouse. I
could keep the toolbox, image window, and dock large and easy to see, yet
instantly available. It took a while to get used to the new way, when I
originally swithched from Photoshop to GIMP. Now I would never go back to the
old ways!

It didn't help that I did not know what "Hint for toolbox/ for docks" meant.
Not knowing, I didn't try changing them.

Thanks for explaining how to get 2.6 to behave the way (I think) it should!

   --- Gimpster ---

>Nope, I have never used GIMP on Windows! I only said "now" randomly. I
>think I was just letting know what OS I was using so no one had to
>ask. So originally in the developmental releases, the developers just
>had it checked in gnome to be always on top, and the ontop feature
>wasn't something intrinsic in the new GIMP? That's weir because when I
>used the developmental, I seem it remember it being more dynamic, like
>the toolbox would always be ontop of GIMP canvas, bu other windows
>like firefox would go over the toolbox. This setting in Edit ->
>Preferences -> Window Management seems to just make the toolbox an
>"uber-window".  Maybe I should go back to the developmental release,
>or am I not remembering it properly?
>On Fri, Oct 3, 2008 at 5:09 AM, Martin Nordholts <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Jan Snyder wrote:
>>> It's strange. All the developmental releases had toolbox always on
>>> top. I use Linux and  now it is not on top. The only way I could get
>>> it on top is to right0click on the titlebar and select always on top,
>>> but then it's literally on top of every window, firefox for instance.
>>> Is there some way to enable on top. It's a bit early for me in the
>>> morning. Perhaps I am missing something. What happened to that
>>> wonderful on top toolbox from the Developmental releases?
>> You say "I use Linux now [...]". Did you use something else when it
>> In any case, what GIMP 2.6 has done is simply to change the default in
>> Edit -> Preferences -> Window Management
>> for
>> Hint for the toolbox
>> Hint for other docks
>> to 'Utility window' instead of 'Normal'. This change in defaults was
>> made possible with the introduction of the Empty Image Window. Perhaps
>> when it worked you had those set set to 'Keep above' ?
>> BR,
>> Martin

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