On Thu, 2008-10-16 at 10:33 +0200, Tobias Jakobs wrote:

> > What option do you choose in the Export dialog when it asks you if the
> > image should be flattened? The only way I can reproduce this is to click
> > on "Ignore" here.
> Yes, I clicked on "Ignore", it woks fine with "Export"
> > And doing so is like asking GIMP to shoot you in the
> > foot. Which is what the JPEG plug-in then happily does.
> What is the reason for the "Ignore" button? And is it really needed? I
> wasn't able to find anything in the help.

"Ignore" skips the export step. So the image will end up in the plug-in
without being altered in any way. This is sometimes useful, for example
if you want to save a particular layer, and not the whole image. But it
requires that you know what you are doing.

And no, I don't claim that this is a good user interface. It just
happens to be like that and no one has started an overhaul yet, even
though that is long overdue.


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