On Sun, 2008-10-19 at 17:17 +0000, Peter Saffrey wrote:
> I'd like to duplicate the effect described in this Photoshop tutorial:
> http://pshero.com/archives/text-in-stitches

> I've got as far as adding some text and turning this into a path using
> Layer->Text to path. I can then do "stroke path" with a brush of my choice.
> However, I can't work out how to adjust some of the more complex options, such
> as the direction of brushing and the distance between brush strokes, as
> described in steps 8 and 9 of the tutorial. How do I do this in the GIMP?

You'll want to create a GIMP Brush Pipe for this.  In the brush dialog,
open the Pencil Sketch brush as an image (right click on the brush icon
in the dialog to get a menu for that).  Delete all but two layers.  Make
one layer a left to right slant and the other a right to left slant
(this effectively removes the brush shape from the original brush).
Save the image as a brush pipe to your .gimp/brushes directory using
".gih" as the suffix for the filename.  A dialog will open that allows
you to configure the brush characteristics. Set the spacing to 50
percent (or whatever you feel appropriate), the number of cells to 2 and
the first entry for Ranks to 2 and Angular.  Put "Stitch" in the
Description so you can find this brush later. Save the changes and then
reload your brushes dialog.  Look for the new "Stich" entry.  Stroke
your path using this brush.

You'll have to play with the size of the brush.  You may need to make
multiple versions at different sizes to get the right effect.

I'm not positive this will be exactly what you want, but it's the
correct basic process for creating a brush that you need to perform this

Good luck.
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