Hello Gimp Users and Developers,

In my opinion, Gimp (especially 2.6.1) shows some weird behavior, when it
comes to zooming out.

I originally posted my concern in "Bug 553534 – centering issues after image
scaling and setting zoom to 100%", but Martin Nordholts told me to post it

When I zoomed in with 2.6.0, put the cursor on the "pixels of interest", and
type "1", the pixels of interest WAS at (or close to) the cursor (as
expected). Now, with 2.6.1, the "pixels of interest" are somewhere, but not
by far close to the cursor. Instead I always see the corner which is closest
to the "pixels of interest" centered in the window.

Martin Nordholts wrote upon that: "... that is a matter of taste. I prefer
the way it works now and I don't see any compelling reason to change."

I would like to understand, why someone finds the new behavior to be better
than he old one? Any examples would be appreciated, maybe my workflow is
simply bad... But for the following workflow, the new behavior causes more

I open a "larger" picture (1944x2592px), where "red eyes" has to be removed.
That for, I zoom into the eyes with the zoom tool. Then I draw a freehand
selection on every eye that needs to be changed. To see the effect of the
following step at 100%, I type "1" while the cursor is between the two eyes.
With 2.6 the eyes were centered in the image window now, and was able to
proceed without any extra panning. In 2.6.1 I have to move the visible are,
because I always see one of the image corners centered in the image window.

The zoom button instead always centers the image in the image window, which
is slightly more compelling to me than centering a image corner in the
window, but still not the perfect way.

I would like to have the following behavior:

- Zooming out with cursor IN the image window -> center the pixels under the
cursor in the image window, image borders should be ignored.
- Zooming out with mouse outside image window -> pixels in the center of the
image window should remain the pixels in the center of the image window,
image borders should be ?.

For the thing with image borders, how about introducing a operator key for
zooming? Currently ALT and SHIFT doesn't seem to have a function while
zooming, so one of these keys could be used to set the wanted border

Example: If by default Gimp would not zoom out over image borders, holding
SHIFT key could reverse the behavior, and Gimp zooms out (or in) ignoring
image borders.

I would greatly appreciate some feedback on this...

Sincerely, Claus Berghammer

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