> Hello.
> i am under the impression that any font in window$ must be
> detected by GIMP text tool.
> unfortunately, it is not happening so.
> is there any specific method to add the fonts to gimp?
> if so how?
> i m still using GIMP 2.4 , yet to upgrade :D
> thanks,
> Akshay

Is a wrong impression 

Gimp may use most (maybe all) of fonts included in windows as default, less of  
the Extra Fonts that you may found on the net ..

To install new fonts in Gimp you may simply install them as font in windows 

If some fonts do not show up you may try to copy them , paste in a new 
folder,and from Gimp ,exactly from Edit/preferences/font add a path to that new 
font folder and then reload gimp

That often help, if doesn't usually fonts are incompatible 
(the fact that some other programs may use them here is not relevant except if 
you want use that fonts with that other program )

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