>Gimp user; subscriber to the GIMP newsgroup (comp.graphics.apps.gimp), 
>whose ISP is dropping USENET support, hence subscribing here.
>Using GIMP 2.6.2 on WIN XP, I find behavior that I didn't find before. 
>If I have an image, a toolbox, and the layers dialog open at once, and 
>move the toolbox and layers dialog open at once, the most recently 
>selected item is on top of the previously selected item. However, if I 
>move the image (and main toolbar) behind either one, the image is always 
>behind the other two. I checked the bug reports, but don't see any 
>reports of this behavior.
>Is this a new configuration option I haven't found yet? Or is this a 
>bug, that only affects me?


This is part of the design of GIMP, but it can be altered in Preferences-
Window Behaviour.
I posted a long-winded, but fairly comprehensive discussion of three options
at this forum:

Hope it helps!
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