On Sunday 23 November 2008, LadyYepperz wrote:
> >Quoting LadyYepperz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> >> My GIMP 2.6 is suddenly unusable, undescribable,
> >> unbelievable...
> boxes ive got small squares with numbers in them.  Ive tried
> reinstalling gimp several times & even going back to a later
> version of gimp. But with the later versions i get an error
> saying...
> Gimp - 2.4.exe Entry Point Not Found
> The procedure entry point g_content_type_from_mime_type could not
> be located in the dynamic link library libgio-2.0-0.dll
Up above you mention gimp 2.6 but this error references gimp 2.4

If I were attacking this problem I would make sure gimp is totally 

Then look for gtk and glib in add remove programs and un-install 
them (abiword and (i think) gaim use gtk so you may need to 
re-install those programs as well) 

I don't think you will find a glib entry but I recently had a 
similar problem due to incompatable glib (on linux)so I thought I'd 
mention it

Reboot (I'm told that windows likes to do this :-)

Then I would go back to
download the installer (link in 2nd paragraph) and try a fresh 

Good luck

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