Hello everybody,

I am a new Gimp user and I am REALLY happy about Gimp :-)
I usually work on Windows xp home edition sp 3 or Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex
with the latest version so far (that it, Gimp 2.6.3).

I have 2 questions:
1. Is it possible to change the default option (.xcf) for saving the
In particular, I would like to always use the png format without having
to write it every time in the end of the image: e.g. "image.png" (this for 
saving time :-D):
I know the .xcf format is the best one (for keeping levels and so on)
but I suppose I could switch back to it if I change my mind later.

2. Is it possible to choose a folder by default where I can always save
my images? 
The best would be keeping it  by default even if I close and open Gimp every 
In short, to save time, I don't like to having to choose a folder any
time I save an image.

For these 2 options I looked for in the Preferences section but I didn't
find anything useful.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,


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