> > Having installed UFRaw attempts to get an image to process in Gimp have
> > failed. I drag the RAW image into Gimp and UFRaw opens with the dragged
> > image. After making adjustments I click on OK and a Gimp window opens
> > containing a thumbnail of the processed image.Please, what have I
> > missed? 
> you don't say which distro, but in opensuse ufraw-gimp package is
> required to open a package in ufraw and export it to gimp, or open the
> raw file in gimp and automagically it appears in ufraw and back to
> gimp when converted/decoded.

I did give the conditions but I will repeat them. UFRaw 0.14.1 Gimp
2.6.1 Ubuntu 8.04

The UFRaw package used is the ufraw-gimp.


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