>I've noticed this on multiple occasions that when I scale pictures down in
>Photoshop they look noticeably better when I do the same in Gimp. The scaled
>down image PS leaves is sharp and crisp, while the Gimp scaled down is more

Could you provide a detail of an image? E.g. scale it with photoshop telling us the method, then with gimp always with the method used, and put it ( or a crop ) of both on imageshack? And also tell us the original size of the image, and what kind of scale you have used ( eg. from 2048 to 800 )

I have noticed too, comparing results with a friend of mine, somethings similar, gimp often produces more moirè effect.

Btw, 2.6.2 has some problems scaling down an image, use 2.6.3 .


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