A bit of help, if you would...

I had access to a microfilm of an old (~400 years) manuscript of music, 
from which I was able to make usable scans, which I am not in the 
process of reviewing. Some images (cf. 
<>)are quite easy to work 
with; others (cr. <>) are 
bit more challenging. The challenging images generally have all the 
information in them I need, but that information is in pixels in a 
mid-gray tone surrounded by darker pixels, as the pixels in the vicinity 
of GIMP co-ordinates 726,110.

What I'd like to do is to use the "select by color" tool to select the 
pixels with the desired mid-gray values, and then use them as a mask. 
However, when I try to use select by color, it picks up the mid-gray 
pixels well enough, but picks up all the darker ones and some of the 
lighter ones as well. Is there a way to adjust the tool so that it 
selects just the mid-gray values that I want, or is there a better tool 
to use?

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