I did get Xcftools built on Windows.  Hence GIMP/Xcf support is now built into
DBGallery.  This is a Windows program which is a tool for organizing and
quickly finding photos.  Primarily accomplished by utilizing data about
photographs.  It allows Gimp files to be viewed, indexed, searched, and
emailed. The product may be found at http://grrsystems.com/DBGallery.

Best Regards,

>I'm building Xcf file support into my product (DBGallery) but can't find a
>good xcf file reader or convert for Windows.  ImageMagick can't read most
>layers, and XcfTools  wasn't coded for Windows.
>Is there another I could look at?
>(There is already pretty good support for Xcf files in DBGallery, but
>isn't good when there are multiple layers.  Still if someone wanted to try
>the solid BETA can be downloaded from

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