I get crashes with 2.6.4 when trying to import a page from a PDF
document. This happens on Fedora 10 and 8. It doesn't happen with

As a start, I noticed a different PDF import dialog[1]. 2.6.3 shows
thumbnails of all PDF pages, 2.6.4 shows a simple dialog where to
enter the resolution and the page number. When I do this, I get the
following error:

  Calling error for procedure 'gimp-image-undo-enable':
  Procedure 'gimp-image-undo-enable' has been called with an invalid
  ID for argument 'image'. Most likely a plug-in is trying to work on
  an image that doesn't exist any longer. 

  Opening '/home/jv/tmp/week01.pdf' failed: PDF document plug-In could
  not open image 

Any hints where to start looking?

-- Johan

[1] Note that this could be caused by a change in build spec. For
    2.6.3 I used the Fedora 8 build spec, for 2.6.4 I used the Fedora 10
    build spec.
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