First I would like to say that I am new to 'the GIMP' and I really  
like this tool. Thanks to all who have helped develop and maintain  
this tool. Very cool!

I am trying to create some teaching aids using GIMP animation. I have  
a few GIMP animations working so far. All of the animations run in a  
loop without stopping.  I would like the user to be able to control  
the frames using VCR-style buttons (PLAY, PAUSE, REWIND, STEP-by-STEP)  
within my animated script. Something similar to Filters->Animation- 
Playback would be great. Is there something I can add to my animations  
that would support the VCR-style buttons?

Also, I would like to post these GIMP animations on a web page. Is  
there anyway to allow the user to see the animation without being able  
to download the file? Right now, the user can right-click on the link  
and download the GIF file to their computer. Can I stop this from  

Thanks for the help.

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