Hi all,
I am making a 2D game and i am currently working on variable-width bitmap
fonts to use in the game. I have already written code to load an image
containing the characters and display text on screen in the chosen font but up
until now i have just set the width of each character to be all the same

Now i have modified it so that it reads in a list of numbers from a file and
sets each character's width to the respective number in the list.

All of that works but i now need a way of getting those numbers so i thought
someone might help me make a GIMP script that can do it. Basically, i have an
image which contains the characters on a 16x8 grid. I will need to find the
first line on the x axis which does not contain all transparent pixels and the
last line, relative to the current cell (and will loop through all cells).
Then i can calculate the width as last-first. I also need to display/print
these widths as text so that i can easily copy/paste to a text file.

Here is a diagram of what i need to do:

Any help would be appreciated (and i would *really* appreciated it if someone
could do it for me :).)
Oh, and i am using GIMP 2.6 on WinXP.

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