J Figueroa G wrote:
> I have one question about a filter, plugin or script that can make a 
> similar effect like THIS IMAGE 
> <http://www.muylinux.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/linus-y-gnome-1.jpg>
> I can say that this is an Pointillist Effect, but the newspaper filter 
> effect can't make.
> I hope that you can give me one answer or guide steps.

At a very first glance, I see that this is an
indexed image with a color depth of just 1-bit.
This effect can be achieved by dithering
the image.

One (quick) way to do it would be:

1.) Convert the image to greyscale.
2.) Optimize it (remove background etc.)
3. Increase the contrast as much as possible,
without losing the details you would like to
4.) Convert the image from greyscale to indexed
with 2 colors (black and white). Set the options
'Use a black and white (1-bit) palette' and
'Dithering > Color Dithering > Floyd-Steinberg
(reduced color bleeding)'.

You may not get all the subtle details included in
your example (this 'copperplate engraving' effect),
but at least that's a start. Maybe there is some
plug-in for the Gimp available.



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