Nathan Lane wrote:
> I just tried out what Claus suggested on this picture of Dennis Ritchie 
> (attached).
> 1. Image > Mode > Grayscale
> 2. Colors > Brightness-Contrast (Brightness=127, Contrast=35)
> 3. Image > Mode > Indexed (Generate optimum pallette, Maximum number of 
> colors=2)
> 4. Opened up the Colormap tab on the Layers, Channels,... toolbox 
> (color0=000000, color1=ffffff)
> and I ended up with the other attached image that almost looks like the 
> Linus Torvalds image you attached.

I tried this myself and came up with something similar,
but the dithering in the Linus Torvalds image is
much subtler. My guess is that this was achieved
by using a plug-in (Photoshop?). I couldn't find
anything similar (at least during a quick search)
on the Gimp plug-ins site, at
Maybe someone else can find anything.



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