> Hello!  I am not at all computer-savvy when it comes to
> installing/downloading software.
> I would like to know if my ASUS EEE PC 900 20 Gb can use GIMP software
> to enhance photos. I have Photoshop on my big computer, and would at
> least like to be able to sharpen photos, adjust the lighting, and some
> minor "Photoshopping" on my ASUS.  I have written to ASUS and received
> some info, but they suggested I write directly to GIMP.
> Can someone please help?  What version of GIMP would I use, etc.?

Just download the latest gimp for windows and install.

I have had gimp on a 701 with ubuntu and a 1000 with Red Hat. Life is
much easier with a usb mouse


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