Hi Adrian,

Adrian Dusa wrote:
> Dear all,
> I'm a Gimp newbie, using it for a long time but at an amateur level.
> I have the following (hopefully simple) problem: given two rectangles 
> with a common border, is there a way to select the region *inside* one 
> rectangle (to fill it with another color), without affecting the 
> contents of the other rectangle?
> I attached a .png file just for illustration, I hope attachments are 
> allowed.
> The problem is of course simplified, in the real problem I have 
> different shapes for each rectangle (but still with comon borders, like 
> in maps).

One way to accomplish this would be, to use the magic wand with
the default setting. This implies that the background has just
one color: otherwise, you would have to increase the threshold.



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