Adrian Dusa wrote:
> I'm a Gimp newbie, using it for a long time but at an amateur level.
> I have the following (hopefully simple) problem: given two rectangles 
> with a common border, is there a way to select the region *inside* one 
> rectangle (to fill it with another color), without affecting the 
> contents of the other rectangle?
I left a couple steps out of the one I sent privately, but this one is, 
(I think) more elegant anyway.

1) Add an alpha channel to the image.

2) Select the border using the "select by color" tool.

3). Cut out the border, paste it into a new layer, and hide the new layer.

4). In the base layer, invert the selection, using Select > Invert.

5). Choose your color, and fill the desired rectangle.

6)  Unhide the new layer, and Merge the layers together.

7)  flatten image.


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