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>> That's right.
>> I don't see the problem, though; you can still do just the same thing.
>> open images, work, close images, open images, work, close images..
> Are you sure that this is correct?

>  I am convinced that I use the latest
> Gimp with Ubuntu 8.10 and that I do not have the window referred to.

Well, you probably have 2.6.1, and I'm convinced myself that there is
no way for you to not have this window.
(there is actually one way, which is complicated and involves
autodetecting 'no-image-window' and hiding it when it exists. I guess
if someone is desperate enough, they could try that 9_9)

> I
> do not wish to start an argument but I am almost certain that Rolf
> Steinort, in one of his videos, explained how to get rid of the window.
I'm completely certain that he explained how to do something that
gives the illusion of this (but doesn't actually change anything
much), I recall it was basically just a way to have the toolbox and
docks over the image window (which struck me as cute but of no
particular advantage) ; And I'm equally sure that the
'empty-image-window' is always the toplevel GIMP window (meaning if
you close it, you are closing GIMP) and this isn't optional.

Mainly because I've been subscribed to and paying attention to the
gimp-developer mailing list for a long time, and also, while the
'transient-docks' option was introduced in 2.4 (maybe this is what you
are thinking of), no new gimprc options were introduced in 2.6, other
than the one Alec mentioned (according to the results of 'grep -r -e
gimprc -i ChangeLog.pre-2-6 -C 3 |less')

IIRC people have already asked for the ability to change this, and
received very definite responses along the lines of 'no way, not going
to happen.'.

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