Mon, 23 Feb 2009 23:18:36 -0500  Alec Burgess <>

> The release I got was: gimp-2.7.0-r28042-i686-setup.exe
> from (I think):
> That file now longer is available there - it still shows up
> in the 
> Google cache:
> The current version of that page now shows:  GIMP 2.7.0
> (SVN rev.28070) 
> + GTK+ 2.14.7
> no setup.exe files, just three babl, gegl and gimp tar.lzma
> files which 
> I assume (?) are source files.
> Am I looking in the correct place but just jumping the gun
> because you 
> haven't yet created the expected setup.exe file?
> Is an RSS-feed watch on that page the correct way to find
> out when you 
> have created a new win32 build?
> -- 
> Regards ... Alec   (bura...@gmail & WinLiveMess -
> alec.m.burg...@skype)

The "expected exe file "was created and uploaded, i am absolutely sure since i 
downloaded and installed few days ago

If is not anymore there,(i didn't check i trust your words ) i suppose is 
because show evident problems

obviously dev. releases may be unstable and a bit buggy, but in this case, 
instead then the improvement of the text tool described in "what is new" was 
possible only experiment crash each time the text tool was used,
and connected crashes for each of the logos script.

Seems to me a good reason to remove and then hopefully replace the file

I reported the problem on the developer list not to hassle the developers but 
only because i thought the problems of that build were critical and not yet 

I have no idea why the topic was moved on this list, if you want try the last 
SVN i suggest to build it in linux that is not to hard, compiling for win is 
far more complex, and seems evident that in that build something went if was removed may be for good reasons.

Then if you really want that exe  should be not hard (i.e. with Internet 
Archives or maybe even using google or yahoo cache) get a copy.

Obviously at your risk, i noticed other  problems (just 1 example,

after cropping the cropped part is still displayed and remain visible even if 
is no more part of the image and so not editable...)

 but i thought was not the case to report them since they may be limited  to a 
peculiar, experimental and unlucky Windows build

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