On Wed, 2009-02-25 at 07:03 -0800, Decimator Doseven wrote:
> It appears that I was mistaken, and the script used a command that gimp does 
> not have:
> "file_print_gimp"
> http://lists.xcf.berkeley.edu/lists/gimp-user/2006-April/007923.html
> I assumed(obviously incorrectly) that the name of the command had changed.
> In this case, is this there a command that allows me to change the 
> destination printer for gimp?
> I have succeeded in making gimp print via a batch, using file-print-gtk, but 
> it prints to the last used printer.
> I also need a command to modify the margins, as gimp currently cuts off part 
> of the image.

No, there isn't. It might make sense to add some additional parameters
to the file-print-gtk and file-print-gtk-page-setup procedures. That
would break the API and might cause problems for scripts using these.
But then, the current API does not seem sufficient to actually use these
procedures, so I guess we can afford the breakage.

It would help to make some suggestions for the parameters that need to
be added.

Until we have changed this, you could work around the missing parameters
by having your script modify the files print-settings and
print-page-setup as found in the ~/.gimp-2.6 folder.


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