On Thu, 2009-02-26 at 09:05 -0800, Kim Cascone wrote:

> I just timed the slow launch
> - from 2xclicking GIMP to full load of a new session
> it took 11 minutes...that's eleven minutes as in go have a cup of  
> coffee and read the morning paper and then come back and check email
> doesn't this seem excessive to others?
> on my Ubuntu netbook it takes all of 20 seconds BUT it doesn't have  
> all the brushes, scripts and filters I have in the OS X version

GIMP starts in less than five seconds here. Anything longer than that is
too long. If it takes minutes, that is completely unacceptable. So
please go ahead and use the appropriate profiling tools for your
platform to find out where that time is spent.


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