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> 1.  Please try asking me what I have/have not done before  jumping to 
> conclusions.  I have tried several (more than 3) times to  download 2.6.5.  I 
> when I 
> try to install I get the message that it is  invalid or corrupt.

Try another download mirror, or complain to your ISP. There have been
180.000 downloads of GIMP 2.6.5 Windows installer so far (according to
SourceForge), and I haven't received any complaints.

> 2.  Mea culpa.  I do not know the definition of "html", but I  have removed 
> my signature if that makes you feel better.

Configure your client to send messages in plain text format. Just removing
styles isn't enough.

> 3.  A computer expert told me years ago that bandwidth has not been a  
> relevant issue since the old 486s.

It's a problem because your client specifies black as the text colour, but
doesn't specify background colour, which on my configuration makes your
messages unreadable (I have black background). This doesn't happen with
plain text messages.

Also, please quote normally (prefix all quoted lines with a single >
character - that makes it much clearer which part of the message is a
quote, and what's your answer).

And if you have time to complain about adverts inserted in your signature,
at least put a signature delimiter (dash-dash-space) above them - this'll
hide them from most decent clients.

> 5.  Ooooooooh, nooooooooooo.............  now I am a dreaded  Thread 
> Breaker!!!   Whatever shall I do?  I don't think I can  live with myself.  

Just because your client is so primitive that it doesn't know how to thread
messages doesn't mean that you should ruin threading for everybody. Take a
look here to see how threading looks (and how you're breaking it):

> All snide remarks aside...   I am on digest.  Digest does  not recognize 
> threads.  When I respond it is to the digest address and  I have no control 
> over 
> where it goes from there.  If you can't cope  with the highly technical 
> advancements like digests, don't take it out on the  rest of us. 

Digests shouldn't be used for anything but reading - but even with digests,
there shouldn't be too many problems as long as you don't change the
subject on every post.

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