Michael J. Hammel wrote:
> On Thu, 2009-02-26 at 03:18 +0000, minim...@wi.rr.com wrote:
>> Does anyone know where I can get the script for the text-circle in 2.4, that 
>> works with 2.6?
> File->Create->Logos->Text Cirle

Wow, great!  Can this kind of effect be adjusted after it's been 
created?  I've never even noticed all those options in File->Create.  I 
guess 'create' suggests they're meant to be a starting point, so maybe 
they can't be adjusted afterwards.  Hm?  Are there any other ways to get 
similar effects with text, perhaps by fitting text to a path or something?


((and thanks to the 6 or 7 of you who gave me a weeks worth of play with 
your answers to my 'replacing colors' question.  double cheers!))
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