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> > File->Create->Logos->Text Cirle
> > 
> Wow, great!  Can this kind of effect be adjusted after it's been 
> created?  I've never even noticed all those options in File->Create.  I 
> guess 'create' suggests they're meant to be a starting point, so maybe 
> they can't be adjusted afterwards.  Hm?  Are there any other ways to get 
> similar effects with text, perhaps by fitting text to a path or something?

No, it can't be adjusted (not easily).  While GIMP's text features are
improved in 2.6, you're still better off creating text along paths using
Inkscape and then importing the SVG into GIMP. In Inkscape you can
adjust kerning and character position directly on the path in a WYSIWYG
fashion.  It's actually pretty easy to do (and I'm no Inkscape expert -
I hardly ever use it).

I have an article on this subject (integrating GIMP with other desktop
tools) coming out in either April or May in Linux Format (UK magazine,
available in the US sometime after publication in Europe), assuming I
have their publication timetable correct.
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