thanks for your fast answer, Sven!

>> I set "Use dynamic keyboard shortcuts", so I can assign 
>> shortcuts "on the fly" by moving the mouse pointer onto a 
>> menu item and type whatever shortcut I want.
> That's not really supported any longer. If there are problems with it,
> we are not going to fix them. Please use the Keyboard Shortcut Editor
> instead.

What a pity, I love this feature - I often use it to set 
temporary shortcuts ...

> Fine then. Please use the Keyboard Shortcut Editor for the cases where
> it doesn't work.

if it has to be - in _my_ opinion, the other method is much 
easier to use for me.

E.g. I try to set Alt-R for 

With the editor, I search for "rotate". Now there are two 
Rotate 90° clockwise commands (plus some other rotate 
commands). Which is the correct one? The  image one or the 
drawable one?

With the menu method, I simply open the menu item I want and 
press the key. And I know that I have set the shortcut to 
the correct command ...


Btw, in the zoom dropdown box at the bottom of the image 
window, between the value and the % character, there is a 
box with tiny "2005" or "2009" (too tiny to decide which of 
the two). As the dropdown is only wide enough for "1600%", 
the full "2005" and the percent sign are only visible after 
scrolling horizontally in the opened dropdown ...

Could this be a unicode char code? 2005 would be a 
"Four-per-em-Space", 2009 a "thin space" (fifth of an em).


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