Hey David,

No, I haven't looked at G'MIC.  I will.  Doing panoramas one
has to do exactly the same thing to a set of images.  I'm sure
you know that.  Really hard to do stuff like that in GIMP.  Seems
a weakness.  But otherwise -- I love the GIMP.  I wish I had a Wilber


David Gowers wrote:
> Hi Ken!
> On Mon, Mar 30, 2009 at 10:33 AM, Ken Warner <kwarner...@verizon.net> wrote:
>>I want to use Filters -> Distorts -> Lens Distortion on
>>sets of up to 24 images of a panorama.  They are all the same
>>size and format but suffer from a little mustache distortion.
>>Lens Distortion can actually undue that kind of distortion if
>>applied carefully.  But I shoot a lot of panos and I don't want to do
>>hundreds of images one at a time.
>>I know about Davids Batch Processor but that nice tool isn't extendable
>>as far as I know.  If it is extendable so that I could add Lens Distortion
>>to its quiver, that would work.
>>How would I do batch processing using Lens Distortion?
> Have you investigated G'MIC plugin? it seems to explicitly support
> multiple image processing.
>>Does anyone have any suggestions other than to spend 3 months learning Scheme?
> Well, I do not recommend script-fu to anyone; If you were doing
> something like that, it would be smarter to use Python.
> David
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