there are still a few days left until Friday May 3, 19:00 UTC.
At that time, the SoC web application will switch student applications
to read-only and new applications can't be submitted anymore.

This means that:


If you didn't submit your application yet, please do so now. Otherwise
all the applications that are already submitted might get a head-start.

BTW, a useful suggestion has come up on the #gsoc IRC channel (on
Freenode) today: while editing your applications won't be possible after
the deadline, the basic functionality of the web application will
continue to work. This includes creating documents.

If you create one for each of your applications and reference it there,
you'll have a convenient way to add and edit information after the deadline.

Remember: deadline is May 3, 19:00 UTC


Please browse the applications that are currently available and comment
on them - either public (this makes application editable for the
students) or in private if you'd like to request the opinion of other

Would-be mentors & people interested in ranking applications:

Sign up and apply as mentors to GIMP. If you think that I might not be
able to recognize your name there, then please post on the
gimp-developer list first (I've already rejected two mentor applications
because no one was able to identify the people what did try to sign up).

If you do mention some possible mentors in either the ideas wiki page or
mails, then please make sure that they do know about this. Either get
them to sign up or provide me with their mail address, so that I'm able
to contact them. I've seen at least two names that aren't appearing on
the signed up mentors yet.

If you want to help with the application ranking, then sign up as well -
no one force you to mentor. Your input will be invaluable, though (neo,
mitch, yosh; yes, this is about you :)

Deadline for mentor sign up and ranking is May 15, 07:00 UTC




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