>I always do them in Photoshop on my windows laptop. 
>Am I the only one with this problem?/ I have a bet going that I'm 
>not ;^). I say linux is weak in the printing area & it's about the only 
>good thing windows does.

Hmm, if I had photoshop I wouldn't be using gimp! 

I've got what sound (to me) like more serious printing problems.  I've been
working with photos for a long time and with gimp for around a year, but only
on the computer and the web, never needed to print them.  But now I need to

I am running XP and gimp, the printer is an Epson Artisan 800, chosen because
it's supposed to print really well.

I can't get it to size the pix correctly.  In gimp I use "print size" to set
the picture size to what I want it to be (say 8x10).  When I look at print
preview it's fine.  But it always prints at 100% of the photo size, so if I
let it print the photo (total size, though not print size, roughly 32x40) it
would take six pages.  I've tried all the obvious sizing options, both in
"print size" and in the print command, but it always comes out full size.  I
can't scale it, since that would just eliminate all the detail.

It will print the size I want if I use Paint (the software that comes from
microsoft) to print instead of gimp.  So it seems to be a problem with gimp
talking to the printer.

Printing from Paint (after adjusting the photo to my liking in gimp), I'm
having troubles with the colors.  Irrespective of which paper I'm actually
printing on (I'm using either ordinary printer paper for test prints or glossy
photo paper), if I tell it I'm using white matte paper it all comes out more
pink and gray shaded than the photo, and if I tell it I'm using glossy paper
it comes out much more blue. 

All of the pictures also come out much darker than they appear on the screen.
 So for one of the photos (which is a distant view of hills, water, and snow,
so it's a rather blue-and-white picture) I lightened the whole thing, so that
the printed version isn't too dark. But I still have the pink vs. blue color

Are these color problems (aside from the sizing problems) normal?  Do they
all seem dark simply because I've only ever seen them backlit before? 

That shouldn't explain the blue vs. pinkish problem, though (not outrageously
pink, but definitely not the color that's on the screen).  Would the colors be
different printing from gimp vs. printing from paint?

I read the other comments in this thread and thought I must need gutenprint
(I'm new to this, okay?) - but that appears to be only for macs or linux.

All advice will be appreciated!

Joy H.
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