>On Mon, Mar 30, 2009 at 06:46:59PM -0400, Gracia M. Littauer wrote:
>> I always do them in Photoshop on my windows laptop. 
>> Am I the only one with this problem?/ I have a bet going that I'm 
>> not ;^). I say linux is weak in the printing area & it's about the only 
>> good thing windows does.
>You haven't used Linux recently (or ever), did you? Modern Linux uses CUPS
>printing sistem (that stands for Common Unix Printing System) that is the 
>very same system Apple OSX uses nowadays, but the Linux
>counterpart is even richer of drivers and supports...
>Never say one thing before having tested it thoroughly.
I use Gimp in both Windows XP and Linux (Ubuntu 8.10).  Since I have yet to
find a cups driver for my Canon i960, I purchased TurboPrint, and, thankfully,
it allows full function of my printer under Ubuntu.  In XP, however, Gimp will
not print photos forme, refusing to retain the page layout instructions I
specify (4.6 results in a 4 x 6 image on letter sized paper).

I have posted about this on various fora, and, apparently, there are many who
share my problem.

If you have a solution, please post it so that I can continue to rave about
all aspects of Gimp which I like very much.  

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