I mentioned some time ago that I was reading The Artist's Guide to GIMP 
Effects, by michael j. hammel, and that over time I'd report on what I 
thought about it.  Ok, here's what I think about it--WOW!

I still have a long way to go to absorb everything in here, but in a few 
weeks I've gone from someone who's messed around with Gimp for a few 
years but still felt lost, to someone who knows the principles behind 
using it as a tool.

Many of the questions people ask here seem obvious after reading and 
working with it for awhile.

He does a great job of teaching you the basic principles that let you 
solve problems.  You start thinking about what you want, instead of 
looking at what Gimp can do.

If you need to combine pictures, fix problems, do commercial graphics, 
web work, original art--this book is for you.  I'm astonished.

I'll report back some more after spending a few more weeks with it.

It doesn't cover 2.6, but it hasn't been an issue using it with 2.6.  If 
you want to be a GIMP master, check it out!

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