On Wed, 2009-04-01 at 21:33 -0700, Patrick Horgan wrote:
> He does a great job of teaching you the basic principles that let you 
> solve problems.  You start thinking about what you want, instead of 
> looking at what Gimp can do.

It's nice to know I accomplished my goal, then.  :-)

> It doesn't cover 2.6, but it hasn't been an issue using it with 2.6.  If 
> you want to be a GIMP master, check it out!

I'm supposed to be working on an update.  It's mostly a matter of
squeezing it into my schedule.  But like you say, I wrote it with the
idea that it doesn't matter what version you're using.  That only comes
into play when you're looking for menu items.  If anyone has problems
mapping the book to the current version just drop me an email and I'll
post some errata on the books web site

Thanks for the kind words.  Glad you liked the book.
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