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> Not certain if this reply is directed to the right party - having trouble
> deciphering quotes from new postings on this board, however:

Forum? This is a mailing list (though there are a web and nntp interfaces
to it through http://gmane.org/).

> I purchased (by 'involuntary' default because almost nothing else was
> available) a 64-bit Vista notebook for my daughter.  Vista on that machine
> runs as well as XP on mine, and that's a good thing.  It runs like a snail on
> my son's 1.5 year old 32-bit notebook.

Make sure it's got at least 2GB RAM, and a graphic card with WDDM drivers
(even if you don't use Aero). My laptop is almost 3 years old (though I
have upgraded it somewhat - replaced the original T2300 1,6GHz CPU with
T7200 2GHz CPU and increased RAM from 1GB to 3GB), and Vista works really
well on it.

> We would have scrapped Vista on the new notebook (I own an unused copy of XP)
> except that XP drivers for the HD on the new notebook are not readily
> available (another MS-imposed 'involuntary' default. . . keeps my heart
> beating warm for MS . . . their day is coming). 

If the notebook is using SATA in native mode, the problem is simply that XP
was developed before that. Nothing much to do with Microsoft (and actually,
you should thank Intel that they released AHCI as open standard, so that
future chipsets from multiple vendors can be supported with the built-in
drivers in the OS).

Check in BIOS if there's a setting for SATA mode - it should be set to IDE
or Compatible, not Native or AHCI. If there is no such setting, you can
download nLite from <http://www.nliteos.com/> and use it to integrate
drivers to an XP installation CD (you might want to do this even if there
is a BIOS setting, if the laptop has an eSATA port - eSATA hotplugging is
not supported when SATA controller is in IDE/Compatible mode).

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