> > Could you please also clarify another thing. In the specification for
> > a scanner it has Optical Resolution 4800 dpi X 9600 dpi. From this how
> > should I calculate pixels per inch?
> > 
> Are you testing us here?
> You have given the dots per inch, dpi, resolution of the scanner and
> were just told that dots/pixels per inch measurements were the same.
> What is it that you want to know?

There is no question of testing. As dpi = pixels per inch then I can see
resolution is 4800 ppi by 9600 ppi. Firstly, why the two numbers, I
would have thought resolution needed only one number and secondly, if
this sort of resolution is readily available why does the author of the
book take pains to imply that 600 ppi is something important?


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