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>> I've got a Canon Lide 50 and I'm using it with Ubuntu 8.10 and GIMP without
>> any problems. I works like a charm!
> Thank you for that and thank you to all those who have given their help.
> The problem is that very often, when I have drawn up a short list of
> scanners to buy, they are not mentioned on the list of tested scanners.
> That is why I asked this question on this list. Not because I am too
> lazy or incompetent or don't know my way around, it is because the
> answer to my question is not there.
> Norman

I guess it all depends on which way you approach it?

I first went to the retail store and made a list of all the flatbed
scanners that were in my price range. Then I checked that list
against the Sane list of scanners that work with Linux. None of the
flatbed scanners in the retail store were on the Sane list.

Then I checked for used scanners. I lucked-out and found one
on the Sane list, right off the bat. The CanoScan LiDE 30-40-50
brands all work with Sane, and are on the Sane list. My CanoScan
35 works like a charm.

I prefer to do a little bit of workaround so I don't have to depend on
the convicted Monopolist's proprietary (+expensive/buggy/virus-prone)
operating system. In the end, it seems to work out cheaper+better.
My CanoScan LiDE 35 cost USD$15.00. The CanoScan LiDE flatbed
scanners in the retail store were all USD$100.00+ and only worked
with the convicted Monopolist's OS.

So maybe the best approach would be to print-out the Sane list and
take it with you when you go shopping for a used-flatbed scanner
at your local thrift-shops, and used-computer shops? Also, check
E-Bay, etc. I recently read about a fellow who found a flatbed scanner
in the trash-bin. He pulled it out, took it home, dusted it off, and fired it
up on Linux, and it worked just fine. YMMV. 8^D
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