RP> check this:
RP> http://www.gimp.org/tutorials/Creating_Icons/
RP> Greetings from Belgrade, Serbia

Thank you.

I was going through the tutorial and tried the antialiasing. I took a
fuzzy circle brush #5 and changed the opacity to 40. The first time I
tried it, I clicked and dragged, stopped, and clicked again. That's
when I got a different shade. But it didn't look like the example in
the right image. Is the trick, to get the various shades, to click
often and overlap?

Along this line, I wanted to created a rectangle border w/rounded
corners. I thought one way might be to: (1) select->round rectangle,
 (2) select->border, (3) edit->fill with fg color.  The corners are
 jagged, not antialiased. What did I miss? :-)

Thank you.


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