> >I have downloaded  gimp-help 2.4.2.tar  file
> but not quite sure where this 
> >should be extracted / opened to so that Gimp picks the
> help files up--
> >Regards,Richard
> >

In both case you get the wrong installer.

As for Gap the only official Windows installer is outdated from years, from 
when gimp 2.2 popped out,and will never work in combination with Gimp 2.4 or 2.6

But i am mirroring 
plus you will need this 2 files
http://photocomix-resources.deviantart.com/art/Gap2-4-BugFix-Files-77466242 , 
how to is included and in the comment )

a less official but much more updated GAP installer, that work well with gimp 
2.4 and kind of work with gimp 2.6 (where are problem on 2.6 with "Filter all 
layers" and Frame modify-apply filter, problem solved in the last SVN version, 
but nobody compiled that for windows till now

Shortly most GAP function will work even used with GImp 2.6 but for best 
compatibility should be instead used with gimp 2.4

about the help you look on the wrong place you should search with keyword as   
"Gimp For Windows Sourceforge gimp help .exe "...
there are several versions but all as .exe or .zip, if not are for other OS 
then Win

Then i do not know if for 

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