> Dear all,
>       I decided to use Gimp for the first time yesterday as its Clone tool is
> far superior to the one I used in Lightzone.  Great!
> However, today I tried to do the same, but when I start the clone tool
> the dialogue box in the panel is missing. This is the box that allows
> the adjustments of the clone tool and the way it interacts with the
> image. It had sat in the portion that says "You can drop dockable
> dialogs here", but I remember closing this area accidently.
> I have tried to add new dialogues but cannot see the Clone tool one.
> Can any one help?
> Regards, S.

I have found the box:

Gimp : File -> Dialogs -> Tool Options.

Now the box has appeared. One can add these to the other drag to
dockable window by dragging the box over into it.
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