Hi Kevin & gimp-users,

Oh wow. I wouldn't have thought to look in bugzilla for a script.
So many places to go, so little time :-) lol

I'll change my notes that I jotted down from the online tutorial, and
try this:

bugzilla snippet:
IMO we should simply remove the script from the menus. The functionality that
it does provide can easily be achieved by feathering the selection and
transferring the selection to the layer mask.

Thank you.

KC> DJ wrote:
>> I was reviewing some notes I had on a tutorial for buttons. It used a
>> script called fade-outline.scm.  I couldn't find it at Gimp Registry,

KC> The fade-outline.scm script was removed from the GIMP source tree by Sven
KC> Neumann on August 15, 2007. See bug #466382 for the details
KC> http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=466382


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