> Brian Weese wrote:
>> I have the latest build of GIMP 2.6.6 ad running Windows XP.
>> The Toolbox dialog and any dockable dialogs are ALWAYS in front of the
>> file I am working on.  I usually have the layers and brush dialogs
>> open while I'm working on a file.  I could increase the screen
>> resolution but it makes the text so tiny...  I have been able to work
>> around it for now, but it is really annoying.
> Hi
> You can change the dock window hints in Edit -> Preferences -> Window
> Managment to Normal window if you don't want them as utility windows.
> Note that you can toggle visibility of docks with the Tab key.
The utility feature seems to be broken in windows.  I tried it for a 
little while but had to switch it off.  I forget exactly why.  I think 
some canvas windows would always be hidden if you had more than one 
file/view open in utility mode.  I'd be more specific but I really can't 

David Marrs

Btw, (off topic) recently something changed on both gimp user and 
developer so that all emails appear to come from the mail bot rather 
than the original sender  Thus, I never know who's talking in an email 
unless they sign themselves.  I was fiddling around with my settings at 
the time but I'm pretty sure I set everything back to how it was.  I 
wondered if someone made a change in the admin settings in an attempt to 
fix the annoying reply-to issue, cos that seems to work ok now.

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