bgw wrote:
> DJ wrote:
>> Hi bgw, GimpUsers,
>> b> Not quite - "paste as new layer" creates a new layer with the selection
>> b> in the upper left corner.  "Paste" places it exactly on top, as Sven
>> b> noted, and then "Layer->New Layer" will transform the floating layer 
>> b> into a new layer properly located.
>> Ah, that did the trick.
>> The two methods produce different results then:
>>  1a. Edit / Paste As / New Layer
>>  1b. Edit / Paste; Layers / New Layer
>> Is there any other use for the "Floating Selection", other than
>> turning it into a "New Layer"?
> You will most likely have noticed that simply clicking outside the 
> "floating selections anchors it.
> The most obvious use is creating multiple copies of a portion of the 
> image, without going through the "layer-merge" steps.
> I do that using Ctrl-C; Ctrl-V.
> Ctrl-C copies the selection to the clipboard, and Ctrl-V pastes it 
> (creating the "Floating Selection")- I will then move it to a new location.
> Another Ctrl-V will create another copy, at the same time "anchoring" 
> the floating selection (which means merging it into the then active layer).
> The new floating selection is no longer in the original location (I 
> haven't paid much attention to the rules by which it is located at that 
> point).
> I will then move that new floating selection to the next place I want 
> it, and either another Ctrl-V to anchor it and create another copy as a 
> floating selection, or click outside of it in order to stop making copies.
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The Copy-Paste floating layer is positioned on top of the preceding layer.

As bgw says, if you paste on top of a floating layer, it anchors the 
floating layer and merges it with the layer beneath.
However, if you want to be able to move *both* your new float *and* the 
one beneath, convert the first float to a New Layer before pasting the 
The new float is positioned on top of the New Layer, wherever you moved it.


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