I scanned some microfilm yesterday.  For some reason the software does not
support JPEG so I scanned into TIFF format, putting 5 images in each TIFF
file to reduce the number of times I had to enter a file name.

When I got home I used GIMP to extract the individual images into JPEGs. 
Unexpectedly the JPEGs are enormous!  For example one of the TIFF files that
was 5MB in total, containing 5 images remember, exported into JPEGs which
ranged from 9.0MB to 9.6MB!  That is using the default 85% quality.

This is unexpected since TIFF uses lossless compression while I have
indicated to GIMP that I would tolerate some quality loss.  Even when I
reduced the quality to 65% the JPEGs were still over 5MB each.

Are there any suggestions on how I can get GIMP to construct reasonable
sized JPEGs?
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