Hi Dan, gimp users,

> I am trying to make an image with the main part of it as a white object and
> everything else transparent.  I've followed tutorials and examples on how to
> do this (add alpha channel, select the background color, delete it) and it
> works fine if my object is not white, but if it is white then it, too, becomes
> transparent.  When I look at the image in IE it looks OK but, used in an
> OpenGL application, it is just a blank image.  
> I have a different white transparent GIF that I didn't create using GIMP, and
> it behaves as expected (white where it should be white, transparent where it
> should be transparent).  I do not understand the difference between the two
> and was hoping someone here could point me in the right direction.  
> I am using GIMP 2.6.4 on Windows XP.

Did you find a solution?  If so what was it?

Otherwise, I just tried the following:

1. I open a photograph.
2. Layer > Transparency > Add Alpha Channel (or right-click layer ...).
3. For a test, I did a rough selection with the Free Select Tool.
4. Dragged white to the selection.
5. Select > Invert.
6. Hit the "Delete" button.  

I wonder if you checked out:
  Layer > Transparency > Color to Alpha


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