On Sat, 2009-06-06 at 20:54 -0500, DJ wrote:

> First, I was able to select a "sample point" per the instructions in
> the documentation (drag a ruler w/the ctrl key down), but the Sample
> Points Dialog did not come up. The documentation said it might not,
> and that you had to open it separately.
> 1) Does anyone know why adding a sample point might not open the
> Sample Points Dialog automatically?

The whole Sample Points thing is unfinished. The current way to add a
sample point is nothing but a hack that was added because we don't have
a better solution at this point. We even considered to remove the whole
feature completely for the release because it is not finished. But that
would make it even less likely that someone feels motivated enough to
finish it.

> Second, with the sample point selected, I opened the Levels Tool. I
> want to use this sample point as the "gray point". In the Levels Tool,
> I clicked the "Pick gray point" eyedropper, and then went to click on
> the sample points, but the only thing that happened was the cursor
> changed from an eyedropper to an eyedropper+move_symbol, which means,
> according to the status message at the bottom of Gimp, I can move the
> point, but I can't seem to use it.
> 2) Now that I have a sample point (the gray point), how do I use it in
> the Levels Dialog?

Why would you want to use a sample point for the gray point in the
Levels tool? Just click on the "Pick gray point" eyedropper in the
Levels tools and then click on the spot in the image that you want to
select as the gray point. This will do what Norman described, just
completely automatically. You may want to adjust the Sample options in
the Levels tool options though. Choosing a larger sample radius often
helps to get better results.


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